Italian for Kids Set 1

10 First Reader Books with Online Audio and 100 Words

Beginning to Learn Italian Colors, Shapes, Numbers, Common Vocabulary

Italian For Kids Books
Learn Italian Books For Kids

Italian for Kids Set 1

10 First Reader Books with Online Audio and 100 Words

Beginning to Learn Italian Colors, Shapes, Numbers, Common Vocabulary

Italian for Kids is a motivating set of first reader books for children. Beginners soon finish these confidence-building Italian readers by themselves or with the online audio.

Set 1 introduces the building blocks of the Italian language. Based on extensive linguistic and classroom research, the unique Spot Color Immersion Method® weaves 100 vocabulary words into beginner Italian reader books that make kids laugh—and forget they are actually learning. Each box set includes:

  • 10 first reader books with thematic vocabulary words (colors, numbers, shapes, etc), high-frequency words and expressions, and fun phrases
  • Access to online audio narration by native Italian speakers (stream or download the MP3)
  • English translation at the back
  • Vocabulary charts

Each reader has a theme: Family, Animals, Clothing, Colors, Face and body, Fruit, Numbers, Shapes, Snacks, and Toys.


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The Spot Color Immersion Method® appeals to young children while introducing language learning methods that speed language acquisition:

Online audio recording. Each Italian reader includes access to the online audio narration. Beginners can listen to the correct pronunciation of each story by a native Italian speaker without needing help from adults.

Strong visual cues. Color cues and illustrations make the meaning of the Italian text clear ("graphic-text correspondence"). Appeals to different learning styles. 

Simple sentences. Italian books for kids are often too long or complex for a beginner. With one line of text per page, these 16-page first readers do not overwhelm a child who is beginning to learn Italian.

English translation. With no English on the page, children are encouraged to read in Italian. The English translation is included at the back of each reader for support.

Repetition. Patterned stories with a repetition structure are proven to help kids learn new vocabulary words and phrases.

Context. Each reader presents familiar themes that kids will enjoy with an unexpected humorous twist.

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Listen to the Online Audio

Each reader features an online audio narration by a native speaker, which can be played on your mobile device or computer. Kids can independently review and enjoy the stories, listening to the correct pronunciation without additional help from adults.

Audio is accessed via the website address/URL or QR code printed in the books and can be streamed or downloaded (in MP3 format). 

Mouse On Unicycle

Students love the stories because they are not too long and because pictures are extremely entertaining and clearly assist in the language learning process. Students feel incredibly accomplished after reading and presenting in class what they have learned by reading. Activities created around each themed book are proof positive that this method of language learning for young students has a high efficacy rate.

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