Chinese for Kids

10 First Reader Books with Online Audio and 100 Words (Learning Colors, Shapes, Numbers and More) Traditional Chinese Edition, Set 1

Chinese Books For Kids Set 1
Box Set1 Chinese Traditional Spread

Chinese for Kids

10 First Reader Books with Online Audio and 100 Words (Learning Colors, Shapes, Numbers and More) Traditional Chinese Edition, Set 1


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The Spot Color Immersion Method® appeals to young learners while introducing language learning methods that speed language acquisition:

Online audio recording. Each reader includes access to the online audio narration. Kids can listen to the correct pronunciation of each story by a native Mandarin Chinese speaker without needing a parent, teacher, or other adult to help.

Strong visual cues. Color cues and illustrations make the meaning of the Chinese characters and pinyin clear. Appeals to different learning styles. 

Simple sentences. With one line of pinyin text per page with traditional Chinese characters (and simplified Chinese variants), these 16-page readers are not too overwhelming for children who are just beginning to learn Chinese.

English translation. There is no English on the page, so kids are encouraged to read in pinyin and traditional Chinese. The English translation is included discretely at the back of each reader.

Repetition. Patterned stories with a repetition structure help kids learn new vocabulary and phrases.

Context. Each reader presents familiar themes that kids will enjoy with an unexpected humorous twist.

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Listen to the Online Audio

Each reader features an online audio narration by native Chinese speakers, which can be played on your mobile device or computer. Kids can independently review and enjoy the stories, listening to the correct pronunciation without additional help from adults.

Audio is accessed via the website address/URL or QR code printed in the books and can be streamed or downloaded (in MP3 format). Click to listen to a short preview of the online audio narration.

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British researchers have found that speaking Chinese may take more brainpower than speaking English because more parts of the brain need to be utilized when learning Chinese.

BBC News, “Chinese Takes More Brainpower”

Studies suggest a correlation between learning Chinese and a greater understanding of math concepts, because learning Chinese characters naturally requires math skills such as counting, grouping, ordering and comparing. 

Asia Society, "Learning Chinese Pays Dividends"