Chinese for Kids Set 2

10 Early Beginner Reader Books in Chinese with Pinyin (Traditional Chinese Edition)

Chinese Books For Kids Set 2
Set 2 Chinese For Kids

Chinese for Kids Set 2

10 Early Beginner Reader Books in Chinese with Pinyin (Traditional Chinese Edition)

Set of Chinese reader books for kids 3-8 beginning to learn Chinese. In pinyin, traditional (and simplified) characters w/ English translation and online audio.

Mandarin Chinese for Kids Set 2 expands on the building blocks of language and continues to build vocabulary words and pre-reading skills. Set 2 features:

  • 10 early reader books (16 pages each), each with 10 theme vocabulary words and useful words and expressions
  • Pinyin and Traditional Chinese characters (with Simplified Chinese variants)
  • English translation at the back of each reader
  • Online audio narration recorded by a native Mandarin speaker

The text is in Traditional Chinese with Simplified Chinese variants with parallel pinyin. There is one line of Chinese text per page following a repetition structure (speeds learning and builds confidence).

Each reader book has a theme. Set 2 themes include: Food, Verbs, Tableware, Art supplies, Feelings, Nature, Jobs, Furniture, Bedtime, and a Surprise delivery.

Mandarin Chinese for Kids is a perfect series for the early beginner in preschool, kindergarten, and early elementary school. Babies and toddlers can listen to the audio as they learn and look at the books.

Teachers, parents and homeschool instructors use it as an interesting and non-intimidating introduction to Chinese or as a valuable supplement to flash cards, workbooks and learning toys.


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Language Together’s Spot Color Immersion Method® combines proven methods such as a story-based approach, repetition, simple sentences, context, visual cues, and humor. The pictures use color purposefully to speed comprehension.

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Listen and Learn

Each little story features an online audio narration by native Mandarin speakers, which can be played on your phone or computer.

The audio can be accessed via the website address/URL or QR code printed in the books and can be streamed or downloaded (in MP3 format).

Kids take their fun first steps to learning Mandarin Chinese as they delight in a gourmet feast, a day at the park, an exciting mystery delivery, and more adventures with their Language Together® friends Claire, Teddy, Mighty Mike, Ernie and Rosie.