Language Together is a wonderfully effective, systematic approach!...With remarkable swiftness, children find themselves reading the books, cover to cover, correctly pronouncing the words and understanding their meaning!

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— TILLYWIG TOY & MEDIA AWARDS  Brain Child Award Winner

A wonderful visual aid for anyone just beginning to learn a new language.

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— ACADEMICS' CHOICE AWARDS  Smart Book Award Winner

The creativity, hard work, and developmental focus is evident in this outstanding product. What a fun, effective way to build kids’ vocabulary, concepts, phrases and literacy skills in another language!

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Language Together Sets 1 and 2 are among the best in family-friendly media, products and services.

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The simplicity of these books is innovative. It makes it easy for young kids to dive in with a very low intimidation factor.

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When children finish their first book—then all ten—they are filled with a sense of accomplishment and empowerment.

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— PARENTS' PICKS AWARDS Best Educational Product for Preschool & Elementary Aged Kids 

Paired with the website, a child or a child-parent team can get going immediately, even if their experience with the language is null. There is color-coding of key words, a natural immersion into the grammar, that feels intuitive and is fun.

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— SKIPPING STONES Skipping Stones Honor Award

Educator Reviews

Filled with wonderful little treasures that help children make connections faster, Set 1 books are a strong complement to any elementary language program.


The NECTFL Review: A Journal for K-16+ Foreign Language Educators. Review of Language Together Set 1.

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A wonderful sequel to the Set 1 books...Set 2 continues to complement, strengthen, and reinforce students’ reading and comprehension skills.


The NECTFL Review: A Journal for K-16+ Foreign Language Educators. Review of Language Together Set 2.

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“This series of books is perfect for young children who are learning a new language or simply learning to read in their native language. Useful vocabulary makes learning new words accessible to young students. The charming family centered stories are accompanied by illustrations that emphasize the words being learned. This modern series for learning new languages would be a wonderful addition to a classroom or a home instructional collection!”


First Grade Teacher
The Learning Project Elementary School, Boston MA

Cat With Fruit Scaled

“Language Together has created a fantastic collection of Spanish immersion books for children. The illustrations in these books are simply adorable! The bright colors help facilitate recall of vocabulary and useful expressions. Each story is written in perfect Spanish, enabling a good understanding of Spanish idioms and culture. Abracadabra! Like magic, kids will learn Spanish! This wonderful series is highly recommended.”


Historiadora, Paleógrafa Castellano siglo XVI
New Vendor Paleógrafa Universidad de Connecticut-Stamford
Egresada, Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia

“A great educational resource for beginners. I highly recommend these picture books for young Mandarin Chinese learners! Easy and colloquial phrases, along with vivid pictures, greatly engage young learners. This series of books helps students not only build a foundation of vocabulary but also understand cultural lingo.”


Chinese Teacher at Lexington Chinese School, Belmont, MA

“These books provide an authentic introduction to language that is colorful and enjoyable. For someone trying to learn a new language, I like the approach, since it is an immersion style. The repetitive sentence structure gives the idea, but the word that changes is the vocabulary word. As a bilingual teacher, I am going to include Set One as part of my classroom library. Thanks for the opportunity. I love them!”


Elementary Spanish Teacher, Aldine Independent School District, Houston, TX

“I love the books. I tried the Color story yesterday with my K class and they really liked it. The illustrations are great too. These are perfect for beginner readers. I was so excited, like Christmas excited, when I got to the end and realized there is a QR code that students can scan and listen to the book as a read along. What a great independent center--LOVE IT!”


K-4 Language Teacher, Charlestown, RI

“I think these books are appealing to children and that all age groups would enjoy them.  I would definitely use Set One in the classroom and can envision using them weekly.  They introduce material in a way that is easy for children to understand.  I love that they introduce both vocabulary and useful phrases, and that humor is incorporated, as well.  I would like to see more sets added so they can take students all the way from preschool through the elementary years!”


World Languages Teacher, Kirk Day School, St. Louis, Missouri

“These books are perfect for young language learners! I will definitely use Set One in my classroom. I can use the books to introduce vocabulary to students in a whole/small group setting. I can also put the books in the library and students can read on their own. I really like these books!


Elementary Spanish Teacher, Newport News Public Schools, Williamsburg, VA

“The books are great! The stories are very well structured, short and fun. I like how the words correspond to the illustration with colors. Bright idea. The books are simple enough for younger students learning vocabulary only, but also sufficient for advanced students who are ready to learn sentences. Congratulations to Language Together on these excellent books.”


Chinese Teacher, Riverbend School, Natick MA; Charles River School, Dover, MA

"Language Together has developed a nice way to introduce Chinese to small children. I like the format. The repetition set in story mode is good way to drill sentence structures. I would use these books in my class, twice a week, for my students aged 4-7. There’s a shortage of this kind of material and I would like to see more!"


Chinese Teacher, Links Institute, Argentina

“This is an effective content-based immersion approach. The language content is excellent. I love the stories, the beautiful design, the visual aids and titles (using Chinese idioms for each title—brilliant!) I think Set One is suitable for non-heritage beginners ages 3 and up, especially in US classrooms. I would use it as supplementary material in my classes:  as a “Do Now” warm up or a read aloud in a group or pair setting. Students can also re-tell and recite the stories and practice picture narration. I would like to see Set Two!”


Chinese Teacher, Immaculate Heart Academy, Ridgewood, NJ

These fun books are excellent for emerging readers and provide wonderful support for learning language!


Spanish Playground

“These books are a wonderful educational resource and would be a great addition to the home or classroom!“


Multicultural Kid Blogs

“This is really a clever way to learn a foreign language. As a homeschooling parent, I was surprised by the simplicity of the materials: just ten little books. But the simplicity makes it great for younger kids. My children can use the curriculum on their own, giving me a break while they still get instruction!“


Life with Moore Babies

“I am excited to add these books to our homeschooling curriculum! These books are short and entertaining, and the easy language and repetition are great for early readers!“


“Does your kid want to learn Chinese? Here is a great resource. It's attractive, well designed and makes a great gift!“


"The audio is very engaging and kids can listen on any device. I like the natural progression of words to sentences and the charts and translations that go with the stories."


Parent Reviews

5 Stars The story line is easy to follow even for beginners

I teach Spanish to grades preschool through 5th. These books are highly appealing to children. The illustrations are detailed, the story line is easy to follow even for beginners, and each book/story has a "surprise" element, adding humor and fun! The online audio is extremely well done, as well. Highly recommend these books, and can't wait to see more from Language Together!

Mouse Juggling Scaled
5 Stars Great books for Spanish students!

I love these books! They are great for both kids (and adults like myself beginning to learn Spanish). I'm going to share them with my niece who is in 5th grade and has been showing in interest in learning Spanish. I just ordered the English set to use with my third grade Spanish-speaking newcomer students at school. I am sure they will love them. Can't wait for more sets and I read that a teacher's guide is coming out soon too!

5 Stars Otra, otra, otra!

Creative storyline and delightful illustrations!! My boys (ages 7 & 10) had a ball reading them and listening to the audio. They want to know if there is going to be a second set!

5 Stars Excellent second language learning tool for children

We recently decided to move to Spain and none in our family know Spanish. These books have been terrific to help us get our kids (3 & 5) interested in learning the language (and have taught us at the same time!). We have them as regulars in our nighttime story rotation now - so awesome!

5 Stars The subjects are well organized and the content is straightforward and easy to follow

We bought the Simplified Chinese set for our son and he absolutely loves it! The subjects are well organized and the content is straightforward and easy to follow. The illustrations are simple and cheerful, enough to keep our son entertained without distracting from the actual lessons. We highly recommend it for any parents looking to exposure their child to a second language early on!

5 Stars Fun books that give kids a great intro to a new langugage!

These books are great - the illustrations are so fun that they draw our kids (ages 4 and 7) in so they want to read and re-read the books. Very easy to read and use, and the size of the books are great for smaller hands. I definitely recommend these books!

5 Stars Engaging and fun for children

Engaging and fun for children, these books cover a wide range of basic vocabulary. More important, the illustrations and style will please young learners. Terrific introduction.

5 Stars Wonderful and fun language books!

We're really enjoying these language books. The pictures are very cute and make it fun to learn words and phrases. It's a great intro for my son to learn Spanish.

5 Stars These books are great - the illustrations are so fun and lively that...

These books are great - the illustrations are so fun and lively that our kids (ages 4 and 7) want to read them over and over, all the while they are learning vocabulary in Spanish. They are good for improving my Spanish too! I highly recommend these books!

5 Stars Recommend the book/audio combination!

Cute illustrations and very clever for children who cannot yet read (or sound out words) as the object of topic is colored in brightly and stands out. My son (4.5 yrs) is probably still a bit on the young side for these books, but he still had a blast with them. I highly recommend using them with the audio that is posted online. My son wanted to read one after the other with the audio (it is a pack of mini books with different topics). I think we will find that he is ready for the books very quickly as he keeps reading and listening to them!

5 Stars Useful learning materials

Great set of books with fun and engaging illustrations to help a new learner of Chinese learn to speak and read simplified characters of every day things. Pinyin is used to help with pronunciation as well as links to take you to online recordings of spoken material.

5 Stars Five Stars!

Bought for our nephew--absolutely loved it!

5 Stars My 4 year old loves this set!

My 4 y/o son loves this set! It was an instant hit. The stories are funny and keep him interested in reading them over and over. It's also very easy for parents to get the app to play the audio part (no download or CD transfer). Definitely recommend to anyone looking for an introductory set for self-teaching your kid Mandarin!

5 Stars Well organized thoughtful books that are great for helping kids to learn Mandarin.

I bought these for my son who has had some Chinese lessons both in a class format and a private tutor. He has been loving getting back into it. The QR codes to download the pronunciation is brilliant, and it's helping me--though my son is constantly correcting my pronunciation. The books are well-laid out and help him to progress his learning. We look forward to further sets--though we've still got a good ways to go with this.

5 Stars He loved it because it was fun and beautifully illustrated

I bought it for my 8 year old son. He loved it because it was fun and beautifully illustrated. My son wanted to take it to school to show it to his friends and teachers. Everybody loved it! I would definitely recommend this to children who want to learn another language in a fun way!

5 Stars My son will be multi-lingual in no time--having so much fun with these.

We're having a lot of fun learning Chinese and following the stories. These are perfect for my son. He's picking it up a lot faster than I am, no surprise there. Downloading the soundtrack is key to getting the pronunciation right.

5 Stars Great resource for beginners!

Nicely illustrated, short stories that beginning students will understand right away. Great way to keep students in the target language while learning new vocabulary and grammar concepts.