The Spot Color Immersion Method®

At the heart of Language Together is the Spot Color Immersion Method®. Developed with teachers and curriculum experts, our Method combines multiple language strategies to simplify language learning. Each page looks basic but is packed with proven techniques to encourage and engage young learners—story-based immersion, simple sentences, repetition, context, color coding, comprehensible input and other techniques.
"Using story form is the ideal approach for teaching languages to children ages 4 – 10 years old."  —Helena Curtain & Carol Ann Dahlberg, "Languages and Children" (Pearson).
Beginners can easily guess the meanings of new words, with help from the visual and context cues. For those who want extra support, English translations and word charts are provided on the inside book covers.
Our method incorporates research from language experts such as Stephen Krashen, Steven Pinker, and Blaine Ray. Krashen and Pinker promoted natural immersion over grammar and drilling. Ray invented TPR Storytelling in the 1990s, a story-based method gaining rapid popularity among teachers worldwide.
"Free voluntary reading may be the most powerful educational tool in language education." —Stephen Krashen, Emeritus Professor of Linguistics & Education, University of Southern California
Beginners can finish books all by themselves (or with help from the online audio narration), fueling them with accomplishment and motivation to keep learning. They beam with pride as they exclaim, “I read this story on my own—in a new language!”

Our Method


Our words and pictures tell the whole story—no translations are necessary. Kids naturally figure out the meaning (aided by the purposeful use of color and other visual cues), just like they do in the real world.

Students pick up language effortlessly through repeated exposure to comprehensible input.

Flashcards with a Story:

We turn basic flashcards into stories with meaning and context—transforming a rote learning process into an enhanced educational experience.

Step by step, our deceptively simple stories introduce high frequency words and phrases. Target vocabulary is woven into short stories that make kids laugh — and forget they are actually learning.


Context makes learning relevant and helps kids make connections faster. We present familiar scenarios that kids will also enjoy—toys, colors, shapes, eating breakfast, getting dressed, and more.


Young kids thrive on repetition and patterns. Each book is built on a clear repetition motif, giving kids structure and opportunities to practice and learn.


Native speakers provide a good verbal model, promoting more accurate speaking and comprehension skills. The online audio allows kids to independently review and enjoy stories without help from adults.