Flash cards that inspire kids to play and speak — in a new language!

Getting started using the online audio is simple! Watch our one-minute video demonstration on how to use the online audio flash cards to hear the audio.

Just like our award-winning book series, the flash cards were designed to make a new language feel fun and achievable. Here are some tips for using them:

  • Use the online flash cards with audio. Hear the words (by native speakers) to practice listening and speaking! Each card is numbered and organized by theme to help you find the matching online card.

    Having technical trouble using the online flash cards with audio? Please visit our support page.

  • Follow your child's lead. The cards are organized into ten themes. Kids can look at the picture and name the object. They enjoy turning the card over to see the surprise picture. Deep learning occurs when children are actively engaged with the words, so let them choose themes and cards in any order and play freely.
  • Don't worry about pronouncing the words exactly like the audio. At this early stage, the goal is to spark excitement and make new words interesting and accessible. With repeated exposure, children will eventually pronounce words correctly.
  • Use the sentences as conversation starters. The sentences encourage children to speak and develop a rich understanding of the words.
  • English is optional. If you wish to use the new language only, the English translations can be covered with your hand.

A Note about Language Variations

Everyday vocabulary in some languages varies greatly across regions. The words have been carefully selected by our team of editors. We have included common word variations and encourage you to teach other words you normally use. This introduces children to the rich, diverse world of language.

Award-winning Series

Try the Flash Cards together with our Companion Book Series. Each set of 10 first readers includes online audio, printable Activity Sheets, and an Achievement Certificate.

Children can start reading the little books on their own or with help from the audio narration, fueling them with confidence and motivation. Kids read page after page until they reach the end and proudly say, “I read these little stories on my own—in a new language!

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