English for Kids

10 First Reader Books with Online Audio and 100 Words (Colors, Shapes, Numbers, Common Vocabulary)

English Books For Kids Set 1
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English for Kids

10 First Reader Books with Online Audio and 100 Words (Colors, Shapes, Numbers, Common Vocabulary)

English for Kids Set 1 introduces the building blocks of language to children. Developed with teachers and curriculum experts, the unique Spot Color Immersion Method® weaves 100 theme vocabulary words into first English readers. Each box set includes:

  • 10 early reader books with 100 thematic vocabulary words (colors, numbers, shapes, etc.), 50+ high frequency words and expressions, and fun phrases and lingo: Yippee! • Uh oh! • Cheers! • Whoops!
  • Online audio recordings narrated by native language speakers
  • Vocabulary charts
  • For use at home, school, or anywhere you go

Each reader has a theme. Set 1 themes include: Family, Animals, Clothing, Colors, Face and body, Fruit, Numbers, Shapes, Snacks, and Toys.

The Language Together Learning System uses a unique Spot Color Immersion Method® that speeds language acquisition using proven techniques—patterned stories, visual cues, humor, high-frequency words, and repetition—to make the meaning of new words immediately clear for a beginner. Kids will quickly learn new words and phrases, building vocabulary and pre-reading skills.


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Each short story serves up fun adventures and plot twists: a magic show, a picnic, a day in the snow and more! Kids will laugh and learn with their Language Together friends — Claire, Teddy, Mighty Mike, Ernie and Rosie. 

Theme vocabulary words are highlighted in color to correspond with the color of the object in the delightful illustrations by Nancy Meyers, recipient of the 2018 Geisel Honor from the American Library Association.

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Listen to the Online Audio

Each reader in English for Kids Set 1 features an online audio narration by native speakers, which can be played on your mobile phone, iPad, or computer. Children can review the stories independently and listen to the correct pronunciation from a native speaker without help from parents or teachers.

The audio can be accessed via the website address/URL or QR code printed in the books and can be streamed or downloaded (in MP3 format). Click to listen to a short preview of the online audio narration.

Mouse On Unicycle

English is the first or second most spoken language in the world. It is the official language in 79 countries. 80% of the worlds' information is stored on computers in English. A quarter of the world’s population can speak some English and it is the common language in almost every field.

World Factbook, Ethnologue, New York Times: “Across Cultures, English is the Word,” and David Graddol, “The Future of English.”